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British Slimming Diet

  • What is British Slimming Diet?

    The British slim diet is also called micro diet because of its miniaturized size, amazingly very low caloric slimming plan that concentrates max nutrition into min calories. Therefore, both terms i.e., micro diet and British slim diet (B.S.D) have been extensively used.

    The Micro Diet is a simple regime involving 3 or 4 very low-calorie, but highly nutritious, drinks a day. They come in various flavors and are remarkably satisfying. Each “meal” has just 110 calories and at that level of calorie intake, you must lose weight. There is no doubt that the Micro Diet works. The clinical evidence and public experience- which we will describe later-is now very convincing.

    But lets examine just what makes the Micro Diet so special. Three Micro Diet meals a day serve carefully measured amounts of all the nutrients necessary for a healthy body. It is absolutely no use consuming mega doses of one nutrient only to be deficient in another, equally important one. After all, your body is more complex than the most sophisticated computer and requires an army of more than 50 essential nutrients often inter-acting to keep it functioning. These nutrients have to a) furnish to fuel, b) build and maintain body tissues, and c) regulate body processes.

    Here is what you obtain in one day’s supply of the Micro Diet.(A more detailed breakdown of the nutirtional components of the Micro Diet can be found in Appendix A at the back of the book).

    42 grams of protein
    Protein provides the 22 different amino acids that build our bodies and tissues. Of these, eight are called ‘essential’ (nine for infants) because the body cannot make them; they have to come from the food we eat. Every single body cell contains protein; the skin, teeth and nails, hair and bones. As these body proteins are continuously broken down, and some protein is lost, the body’s protein stores have to be constantly replenished.

    If you read the tables produced by most governments, you will find some variation in the average amount of protein recommended. The US government recommends an average of 56 grams for men and 44 grams for women. That assumes a mixed diet of high and low-grade protein and is increased by 30 percent over the minimum levels to account for individual variations. The World Health Organization recommends 37 grams of protein daily. The UK government recommends higher figures, averaging 65 grams per day for men and 54 grams for women. These recommendations, of course, also assume that the average diet includes a mixture of high-and low-grade protein and is for people on a weight maintenance programme.

    Clinical trials have clearly shown that the 42 grams of pure high-grade protein in three servings of the Micro Diet- for women- and the 56 grams in four Micro Diet servings.

    Magnesium is essential for all living cells for the functioning of some of the enzymes involved in energy utilization. It helps muscles keep working. Most natural foods contain useful amounts of magnesium; cereals and vegetables make particularly valuable contributions.

    120 mg of Iron
    Iron keeps your blood health! It forms part of the red pigments of blood, which carries oxygen from your lungs to every part of your body cells and takes the waste product., carbon dioxide, back to your lungs. Sources of iron are liver, kidney (and black puddings).

    120 mg of Zinc
    This trace elements is needed for growth, wound healing skin health and resistance to infection. Good dietary sources in daily use are meats, legumes and whole grains.

    2.9 mg of Manganese
    This is a trace element associated with a number of enzymes. Deficiency causes poor growth and bone deformities in animals. The average British diet provides 4.6 mg, a day, half of which comes from lea. Other rich sources are whole cereals, legumes and leafy vegetables.

    0.16 mg of Molybdenum
    This is a trace element which forms a vital part of several enzyme systems. It may help prevent tooth decay. Among the richest sources of molybdenum are cabbage, carrots, potatoes and broad beans.

    150 mg of Iodine
    Iodine is vital to the metabolism. It contributes to the hormones thyroxine and triodothyronine which help regulate metabolic rate. Fish is the only rich source of iodine. Fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat provide varying amounts.

    Fat soluble vitamins
    10 mg of Vitamin A

  • Why B.S.D / Micro Diet ?

    Your body is more complex than the most sophisticated computer and requires an army of more than 50 nutrients often inter – acting to keep it functioning.

    These nutrients have to:

    1. Furnish the fuel
    2. Build and maintain body tissues
    3. Regulate body processes

  • What it is and How Does it Work?

    - Nutritional break through and time tested pragmatic solution to obesity
    - Fastest, Safest, Surest Method of Weight Loss
    - Complete Nutrition

  • What B.S.D / Micro Diet Contains?

    - 42 grams of proteins
    - 35 grams of carbohydrates
    - 3 grams of fat
    - 1500 mg of Sodium, 2010 mg of Potassium, 1800 mg of Chloride
    - 900 mg of Calcium,800 mg of Phosphorus
    -350 mg of Magnesium
    -120 mg of Iron
    -120 mg of Zinc
    -2 mg of Copper
    -2.9 mg of Manganese
    -0.16 mg of Molybdenum
    -150 ug of Iodine

    Fat Soluble Vitamins

    -1.0 mg of Vitamin A
    -11 ug of Vitamin D
    -10 mg of Vitamin E
    -70 ug of Vitamin K

    Water Soluble Vitamins

    -70 mg of Vitamin C
    -2 mg of Thiamin, Vitamin B1
    -2 mg of Riboflavin, Vitamin B2
    -3 mg of Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6
    -19 mg of Niacin
    -7 mg of Pantothenic Acid
    -0.4 mg of Folic Acid
    -0.2 mg of Biotin
    -5 ug of Vitamin B12

  • Method for Loosing Weight?

    Quick with 330 Cal/Day
    Slow with 330 Cal 400 Cal / Day with Extra Diet

Our Statistics

  1. 30 years of experience
  2. 9.5 Million people in Pakistan have reduced their weight whereas another 75 thousand people living abroad have benefited from it
  3. As of June 2004, up to 4.5 million people were added to our clients database and the fats reduced by them ranged in between 20 to 256 Lbs
  4. In the year 1996, 1.5 million people were added to our clients list and they reduced their excessive fats
  5. In 1986, 1000 people became our clients and reduced excess fats

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