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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Is it necessary to take additional vitamins while on the Micro Diet Plan? (British Slim Diet B.S.D.)

    Not as long as you have at least three servings of the formula you are receiving 100 percent of the Department of Health’s recommended daily amounts. Scientific opinion, in general, decries the use of mega doses of vitamins or other nutrients. However, the choice is yours if you do wish to supplement your diet, for some specific reason, ask your doctor.
  • Q2. Will everyone lose weight on this diet? I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.

    Yes! Everyone should lose weight with the Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.), the only difference is how much and how fast. No one, over a period of time, can maintain their weight on the rapid weight loss plan of just 330 calories a day. There has to be a continued FAT loss when utilizing the Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) as the sole source of nutrition. Nature makes men burn more calories than women; therefore men lose faster
  • Q3. Can I maintain my weight after I finish my BSC diet?

    Of course YES, it is very easy to maintain the weight after loosing the weight through our diet
  • Q4. The diet sounds too good to be true. There must be some negative side effects.

    Yes, of course. As with any diet plan, your body is undergoing a dramatic change in routine and may react in many different ways. Problems occur for a minority of people, are usually mild and last just a day or two. The long-term benefits make them more than worthwhile.
  • Q5. Why people regain the weight after our diet ?

    They ignore our simple and easy to follow instructions and start over eating carelessly.
  • Q6. does it contain any medicine, preservative, steroid or side effect ?

    No not at all, it is simply and purely a well nutrition and low calories diet which does not contain any medicine, chemical, steroid. That’s why it doesn’t leads to any SIDE EFFECT, any people from 13 to 70 years of age can use our diet to reduce their weight.
  • Q7. Why doctors suggest or insist to reduce weight?

    Doctors suggest to lessen the over weight in the people who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart diseases, Pickwick Ian syndrome and osteoarthritis
  • Q8. Why doctors recommend BRITISH SLIMMING CLINICS ?

    British Slimming Diet is probably one of the most comprehensively tested formula for weight reduction, unlike other weight reducing regime, it does not lead to breakdown of muscle protein and wasting. it is the fat which mobilized and consumed thereby constituting a major bulk or weight lose
  • Q9. Will the Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) benefit my arthritis?

    The diet plan will not cure any type of arthritis but symptoms in arthritis of the weight-bearing joints will probably be alleviated by the loss of excess weight. Patients frequently report that they are able to decrease the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs. Some claim total freedom from any symptoms.
  • Q10. I have diabetes. Is the diet OK for me?

    Patients with diabetes MUST be under the direct supervision of their physician. A growing number of medical experts, however, familiar with Very Low Calorie Diets, feel that this is the method of choice for the treatment of obese maturity onset diabetes. There are many case histories in which all clinical evidence of diabetes disappears as the patient approaches his ideal weight.
  • Q11. I don't need to lose weight but I'd like to use the formula meals as a nutritional supplement. What do you recommend?

    In addition to ordinary food, the benefits of taking The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.), or The Micro Meal, once or twice a day, will make a major contribution to your nutritional needs.
  • Q12. Why do you recommend drinking so much liquid every day?

    Water is good for you! Our bodies consist of over 60% water, so we need to constantly replace our body fluids. Sufficient liquid intake is also required to keep our kidneys functioning properly, to help prevent constipation and interestingly, to help prevent fluid retention
  • Q13. What about coffee?

    Be careful. It’s amazing the number of calories you can accumulate if you add milk and sugar. Typically, the addition of milk and two teaspoons of sugar would provide an extra 59 calories.
  • Q14. What about soft drinks?

    Avoid them like the plague! They’re full of calories and have little or no nutritional contents. A can of coke, for instance, has 130 calories.
  • Q15. Are diet soft drinks permissible then?

    You’ re on safer found here. But many contain high amounts of sodium (which causes water retention) and caffeine, so again tread carefully. Be moderate.
  • Q16. Please comment on the level of sodium in the formula itself.

    There are 500 mg of sodium per 100-calorie serving, or 1500 mg per day. This is considered a low sodium regime. Consult your doctor if he has previously placed you on a low sodium diet.
  • Q17. Surely, I'll become constipated, only consuming 330 calories a day?

    It depends on what you mean by constipation. As much less bulk is being consumed you should not expect to be as regular as you were before you started the diet programme. This is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. However, it is quite permissible to add bran to your daily intake, always bearing in mind the calories you will also be adding. The problem tends to be worse if sufficient fluid is not consumed, so it is important to follow our recommended intake of fluids a day.
  • Q18. Are the nutrients in The Micro Diet, Synthetic or natural?

    The principal nutrients are obviously natural, coming from mild solids and soybeans, some of the added vitamins and minerals are nature identical, as are many that you find in health food stores. This means that they are manufactured but identical to the chemical composition of the natural element. Your body cannot tell the difference between natural and synthetic nutrients. They are molecularly the same and perform equally well.
  • Q19. Soon after starting The Micro Diet Plan, I developed a bad cold. Why was this?

    You caught a cold virus! It’s as simple as that. You’ve had colds in the past and will probably catch a cold in the future. It was just an unfortunate coincidence.
  • Q20. I'm worried that by losing a lot of weight quickly, I will look gaunt and haggard. Are you sure this won't happen?

    On the contrary, slimmers who lose weight with The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) not only are healthy, they look healthy – probably because of the fine nutritional content. The drawn look usually occurs when people have been starving themselves or have lost weight through illness. With The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) you’re not depriving yourself of anything – except calories.
  • Q21. I find it initially hard using The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) as my 'sole source' of nutrition. Can I take an appetite suppressant to stop my craving solid food?

    It is strongly recommended that you don’t. For one thing they can cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches, anxiety and even nausea, and also they are just not necessary. After the first couple of days, any mild hunger pangs will disappear.
  • Q22. What happens if I can't resist temptation and I 'cheat' while I'm on diet?

    The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) is the benevolent diet. Since your basic calorie intake is so low, having a snack or adding a meal will, at worst, halt your weight loss pattern for a day or so. Once you are back on the ‘sole source’ plan, you’ll start shedding fat again. Whatever happens, continue with three formula meal everyday. As long as you do that, you will succeed.
  • Q23. Does it matter what time of delay I have the three meals?

    It is recommended that you have your three formula meals at regular mealtimes breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way, your body’s nutritional fuel tank is being topped up at measured intervals. Breakfast is particularly important. How many people can say they get one third of their daily nourishment first thing in the morning.
  • Q24. I am taking the birth control pill. Will the diet cause any problems?

    No difficulties have come to light in either the clinical studies or public experience.
  • Q25. My doctor feels that a 330-calorie a day plan is a 'crash' diet and must be a 'fad'. I really want to try it. What can I do?

    Your doctor has a right to be cautious. Your health is in his hands. Most of the research into Very Low Calorie Diets is recent and some of it has yet to find its way into the medical text books. Medical fact sheets have been prepared so that your doctor can familiarize himself with the impressive clinical studies and monitor your progress. You should also show him the letter in Appendix B and the research results in Chapter 5.
  • Q26. Am I more likely to develop infections because of the stress of dieting and consuming so few calories?

    There is no evidence at all to suggest this possibility. Actually most people report improved well-being and much less incidence of the minor infections which prompt visits to the doctor’s surgery.
  • Q27. Is there any chance that my skin will be affected by the diet programme?

    Yes … in a very positive manner. Micro-Dieters often comment on an improvement in their complexion and skin tine generally. The reason is quite simple: proper nutrition.
  • Q28. What is the role of exercise in your diet plan?

    You will definitely benefit as moderate exercise is certainly important to help your muscle tone. However, do not start a rigorous exercise programme at the same time you start the diet. This will be too much of a strain for your body. Whatever your exercise plan, take it easy at first.
  • Q29. Is it all right to take tranquillizers when I am dieting?

    There are no known contra-indications but if you are taking any kind of prescription whatsoever you are strongly advised to discuss it when you consult your doctor.
  • Q30. Is there any way to get rid of fat faster from specific areas?

    As long as you’re drinking just three formula meals a day, you will keep losing fat. There is no way of controlling ‘target’ areas. Various gimmicks and ‘devices’ have been promoted but have no strong clinical substantiation for their claims.
  • Q31. I have been told that the only way I can really lose 7 extra stones is through surgery. What do you think?

    Try The Micro Diet first. An operation such as gastroplasty, or stomach stapling, should be a ‘last resort’ treatment. Studies have indicated that Very Low Calorie Diets provide the same success without the very real dangers associated with surgery.
  • Q32. I want to stay on The Micro Diet (British Slim Diet B.S.D.) as my 'sole source' of nutrition for longer than the recommended three weeks. Can I?

    Hospital patients have remained on this kind of formula low-calorie diet for months at a time. However, we insist that three consecutive weeks of ‘sole source’ be observed, alternated with an ‘Add-a-meal’ week to help in the re-education of food habits and because each individual is different.
  • Q33. I suffer from high blood pressure. Is the Micro Diet OK for me?

    A patient’s blood pressure is usually lowered once they are successfully losing weight with the plan and this is aided by the low sodium content and diuretic effect. Therefore, it is extremely likely that anyone taking anti-hypertensive medication will need the dosage decreased. That’s why it’s important a physician monitor the situation. The patient should never ‘prescribe’ for himself.
  • Q34.Is the Very Low Calorie Diet suitable for the elderly?

    For the obese elderly with a medical problem such as maturity onset diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure, the diet plan, used under medical supervision, could be extremely beneficial. For the overweight elderly without such conditions, it is probably unnecessary to lose height.
  • Q35. Can my overweight 12-year-old son slim with The Micro Diet?

    Growing children should only diet under close medical supervision, But substituting The Micro Diet or Micro Meal food bar for soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate bars etc. will be beneficial for your offspring.
  • Q36. I have a tendency towards gout. What do you advise? People with gout usually have a higher level of uric acid

    In their blood. The problem with many diets is that they exacerbate the uric acid level. This would almost certainly occur during the first few days on the diet and medication might be required. Those people who remain on the diet later show a lowered, even normal, uric acid level, and are generally less prone to gout attacks. A doctor’s supervision is vital.
  • Q37. I know that potassium is important for my heart. Is there really enough in the formula?

    For the normal person who is not taking diuretics (water pills) or other medication, there is sufficient potassium. Clinical studies have not indicated any evidence of potassium depletion. It is imperative that anyone taking medication, particularly for high blood pressure, consult their doctor so that he can monitor the potassium levels and supplement if necessary.
  • Q38. I've had a heart attack and I know I need to lose a lot of weight. Isn't your diet too stressful for me?

    Many heart patients have had positive experience with Very Low Caloric Diets. But we have to emphasize that this is a matter for the judgment of the physician and constant monitoring would be necessary. No one with a serious medical condition should embark on any diet programme without the total approval of their doctor. In particular, it’s important to mention stroke victims and patients with serious kidney and liver ailments.
  • Q39. What is ketosis and am I likely to get it?

    The incomplete breakdown of fat can leave a residue known as ketone bodies. Ketosis is often caused by high-protein low-carbohydrate diets, i.e. badly balanced diets. The Micro Diet is formulated to give a very specific balance of carbohydrate as well as protein. There is a moderate rise in ketone levels in people using a Very Low Calorie Diet which is one reason why the slimmer doesn’t feel hungry but does feel well.
  • Q40. I am taking a special medication. Is that a problem?

    Repeat: ask your doctor and show him the letter in Appendix B.
  • Q41. I suffer from acute gall bladder attacks. Is it safe to take The Micro Diet?

    Yes, Since Uni-Vite’s Micro Diet is a very low-fat diet it would not provoke any gall bladder problems.
  • Q42. Am I too heavy to exercise?

    There’s no excuse for not pursuing some kind of mild exercise programme. It doesn’t matter how overweight you are, you can always start slowly, spending just a few minutes a day on a non-strenuous routine. Walking is an excellent activity.
  • Q43. I find that I don't need so much sleep when I'm on the 'sole source' plan. Is this usual?

    Quite often summers report that they are up and running much earlier in the mornings. Overeating has a definite sedative effect. So dieting itself, balanced nutrition and increased vitality combine to cut the hours of sleep you require. Spend your extra time wisely!
  • Q44. Does The Micro Diet contain any preservatives?

    There are no preservatives, drugs or diuretics in the formula. It is a natural food supplemented with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and electrolytes.
  • Q45. What is the shelf life?

    An unopened sachet of the formula is good for 18 months according to Uni-Vite Nutrition.
  • Q46. Will dieting hurt my sex life?

    On the contrary. Many people enthusiastically comment on a new ‘frisky’ attitude. It’s not surprising really, when you realize the increased physical vigour and mental self-enhancement which accompanies the rapid weight loss.
  • Q47. I have a sweet tooth. Can I add artificial sweetener to the formula?

    It’s entirely up to you. Many people find, however, that they seem to have much less desire for sweet things when consuming Uni-Vite products.
  • Q48. I've heard of people losing hair on this kind of diet. Can this be true?

    On rare occasions, people have reported combing out a few more hair than normal. There is no cause for alarm. After a very short period of time, hair grows normally again. Many more people actually notice the opposite effect – hair growing back. And most people report their nails and hair growing faster.
  • Q49. Should I continue with the diet if I catch the flu?

    It’s not advisable to be losing weight while you’re sick. Wait until you’ve recovered.
  • Q50. I am going through the 'change of life'. Is The Micro Diet ok for me?

    Yes! There’s no reason why menopause should hold you back from getting your body in tip-top shape. The diet plan should be positive step at this stage of your life, making you look and feel better. We have encountered women who have found they experience fewer hot flushes while on the diet.
  • Q51. The diet doesn't yet seem to have stopped my craving for 'sweets'. Is there anything I can do?

    Take six ½ portions of the formula during the course of the day. After a time most people do report a permanent lessening of their sweet tooth.
  • Q52. I need to gain weight so I guess your programme is not for me.

    Wrong. By enjoying The Micro Diet formula or Micro Meal bar in addition to normal meals you’ll be adding extra protein, vitamins and minerals – particularly when mixed with milk.
  • Q53. Is it normal to feel so thirsty when I'm dieting?

    Sometimes people are thirsty. It’s simply your body’s way of telling you that it would like some more fluids to keep it working. Drink more water. It’s good for you. In fact, you shouldn’t really wait until your body is crying out for water. Liquid is an essential part of the diet plan.
  • Q54. Is The Micro Diet suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes. For lacto vegetarians not vegans, and for nearly all religious groups. The Chicken & Herb and Beef Soups are the only flavors containing meat extract.
  • Q55. What about fibre?

    There is no evidence that a diet low in fibre – in the short term – presents any real problem. You can, if you wish, eat raw high-fibre vegetables or cooked vegetables e.g. cabbage. There is a full section on fibre in Part II Chapter 1 of this book.
  • Q56. Why is The Micro Diet not sold in chemists?

    Because the advice, support and encouragement of the Advisor is an integral part of the programme.
  • Q57. When I reach my ideal weight, I intend to celebrate by going out for a big feast. Is this OK?

    Celebrate with caution. It is not a wise move to suddenly overload your system after it has become used to the ‘sole source’ regime. Do not eat a large meal after a period on the 330-calorie a day plan. This will be too stressful for your digestive system
  • Q58. So does every member of the medical profession endorse a 330-calorie a day slimming plan?

    The University of Surrey survey shows that of those G.P.s consulted about the diet, 71% ‘netively encouraged’ their patients to go on the diet. Less than 5% discouraged patients, presumably on sound medical grounds. Uni-Vite’s programme is not a traditional method of slimming. Traditional methods have tailed, but as more and more clinical studies on Very Low Calorie Diets find their way into the medical literature, more and more scientists are becoming convinced that this really is the answer. Those doctors who question VLCDs usually make the following points: a) The diet should be medically supervised (we agree – and recommend this). b) It’s important to teach people better eating habits (that’s what half this book is about). c) There’s a danger of the slimmer losing muscle tissue and protein from vital organs. (The most recent evidence shows the amount of protein lost is no greater than the extra amount pf protein gained with the excess weight).
  • Q59. Why do some people feel cold when they are slimming?

    When people reduce their food intake, the body reduces its energy/heat output so unless they wear more clothes, (or move to Florida) they will tend to feel the cold.
  • Q60. Does Uni-Vite's Micro Diet contain gluten, making it unsuitable for people with coeliac disease?

    Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Butterscotch and Banana are gluten free. Chicken & Herb and Beef soup do contain gluten.
  • Q61. Are menstrual irregularities a side effect of the diet?

    Occasionally, some people do notice menstrual irregularities and this is due to the change in body weight. When the weight stabilizes, the cycle returns to normal. Some overweight women fail to menstruate, but when they lose weight, the periods return.
  • Q62. I sometimes experience leg cramps when I am on the diet. Why is this?

    It is possible that this may arise from losing too much salt from the body. The Micro Diet is relatively low in salt and that may be a contributory factor. If cramp occurs, a little extra salt should be added to the diet.
  • Q63. Why do you lose water when you diet?

    When you diet, you obviously reduce your intake of calories. This will mean that initially the body is using up part of its store of glycogen. Since each gram of glycogen in the body binds with four grams of water, when the glycogen is burnt up as energy, it releases four grams of water Conversely, when people who have used up their glycogen stores ‘binge’ on carbohydrate, they will notice a rapid weight gain of up to three or four pounds because the glycogen stores are once again filled … with both glycogen and wate
  • Q64. Why do ex-smokers gain weight?

    Because smoking increases your metabolic rate. When they give up smoking the average person will find that their metabolic rate declines by as much as 250 calories a day. That’s a lot. If they eat the same as before, they will be taking in 3,500 calories more than they need every 14 days. That will put on 1 lb. per two weeks. Unless an adjustment is made, the pounds will go piling on until they have gained perhaps two stone in the course of a year! And of course the ex-smoker typically turns to chocolate and sweets to console himself – which only compounds the problem. Now smoking is a much bigger health hazard than obesity, so we are very definitely urging you to give up smoking. But we are also urging you to make a specific adjustment in your eating habits at the same time.


Our Statistics

  1. 30 years of experience
  2. 9.5 Million people in Pakistan have reduced their weight whereas another 75 thousand people living abroad have benefited from it
  3. As of June 2004, up to 4.5 million people were added to our clients database and the fats reduced by them ranged in between 20 to 256 Lbs
  4. In the year 1996, 1.5 million people were added to our clients list and they reduced their excessive fats
  5. In 1986, 1000 people became our clients and reduced excess fats

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